Best Practices

While interaction and movement in The Aggregate is quite intuitive, there are several steps you can take to ensure smooth participation. Once you’ve ensured your computer meets minimum hardware and software requirements, consider the following items when preparing for your participation.

Headphones: To prevent feedback for other attendees and have the best experience, please utilize headphones when in world. When you first enter, you will know they are working when you hear the birds chirping, waves crashing or fireworks popping.

Microphones: Whether you are using a microphone built-in to your headset or an internal microphone on your computer, you must make sure the correct devices is selected in your mic settings. These settings can be accessed in world by clicking on the gears icon at the top right of your screen.

Ultimate Guide to Microphone Issues

Docking Stations and External Monitors: Many users have encountered audio issues when trying to access The Aggregate using a computer or laptop connected to docking station or external monitor.


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Ultimate Guide to Microphone Issues

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